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Groomed Dog

The Lodge is pleased to accommodate any and all bath requests to ensure that your pet comes home looking like royalty. Some packages include departure baths if the boarding meets the minimum required days of stay. Please see Pampered Pets Packages for bath details. In Addition, we offer canine tidy ups (trimming of excess hair) with additional charges if requested. Baths and trims are also available by appointment, even when you are not lodging with us. Prices vary according to coat condition, length of coat, matting etc. Please call 905-936-6214 to discuss your grooming requirements.

(Prices vary by breed and coat length)

A bath can be purchased for your pet on top of our Standard Service. If your pet is on a package and the stay does not meet the required minimum days for a bath to be included, you may choose to purchase one. Here your pet will be spoiled to a relaxing wash prior to departure. This will be no ordinary wash, but instead a deep cleaning, gentle massaging session. Reminder, this is strictly a bath and does not include dematting or grooming.

Please Note: Nails will only be clipped if the pet permits us to do so. We do not want any negative experience associated with their stay. Full Grooming does include nails.